Partnership Grants

British Asian Trust:
Mental health and wellbeing for all in Pakistan

We partnered with the COSARAF Foundation to jointly invest in a £1 million partnership with the British Asian Trust by which they will deliver a step change in mental health and wellbeing provision in Pakistan. In the last year, the British Asian Trust continued its work with the local partners. These partners provide incredible access and support in leading community activities, engaging schools and businesses and providing training and recruitment opportunities for local communities.

We are delighted to have extended our partnership with British Asian Trust until 2026. Following the success of the programme in its first year, which saw 1,550,608 attendees at awareness-raising sessions, supporting 280,573 families and households indirectly through various engagement activities, 16,850,000 through social media engagement and improved the access to support for 95,941 individuals, the programme will now continue its work in embedding practices within Pakistan and expanding the membership and influence of the mental health coalition.

This year, the programme secured £327,851 from Vittol Foundation and the World Health Organisation. This means that the future of the programme is now secure. Partners Taskeen and Sehat Kahani continue their incredible work with British Asian Trust and Global Institute of Human Development will join the partnership.